The Mother of all Bristols.

Greenbank  Cemetery Bristol, U.K.. Gateway and cottage home of my cousin Janet and her partner Steve, 

I was born and grew up in Bristol, U.K.: -  “The Mother of all Bristols”.

So I retain a great affection for my native City, situated as it is in the south west of England, with its population of 433.080 ( in a metropolitan area of more than a million people).

It rarely snows in Bristol, thanks to the benevolent influence of the Gulf Stream.

Yesterday (17th January 2013) Bristol was visited with a huge snowfall  -  some 6” in all!.  

It was enough to paralyze the city – buses and trains did not run, the airport was temporarily closed, and schools were closed.

There was a bright side.  This “blizzard” enabled  321,892  Bristolians (give or take a few hundred thousand)  to get out into the open air and take photo’s, for the sole purpose of posting said pictures on “Facebook”. (lol)

I jest too much!

Here are some cool pictures of  “Bristol-in-the-snow", January 2013.

The Suspension Bridge in Bristol.  Designed by I..K. Brunel (1806 - 1859), built and opened in 1864.  The most often photographed and dearly loved place in Bristol. 2013 Photo' by my nephew Nick T.

Christ Church Clifton Bristol. Built in  1841. Steeple is 214' high.. This is the Church at which I  was Confirmed  in the C of E  in about  1970. 2013 Photo' by my nephew Nick T.

Gatehouse to Greenbank Cemetery, Bristol U.K.. My four grandparents are buried here. 2013 Photo' by my cousin Janet Draper.

Lovely Avenue of Trees in Greenbank Cemetery. 2013 Photo' by my cousin Janet Draper.


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