Sunday, 11 August 2013

Food simple food

Today I made a simple, hearty and nutritious meal for lunch

The chief ingredients came from Trader Joes

1. A carton of their tasty Black Bean Soup

2. A can of their "Black Beans - Cuban Style" - to give the Black Bean soup a bit of body.

I heat these ingredients in advance and find that they are sufficient for three meals (on three consecutive days for me, as I live alone). I eat one portion and save the others for the next two days.

3. On  each day I also cook a handful of egg noodles and mix them in with the enriched soup.

Such a simple and hearty lunch. Goes down well with a bit of Ciabatta bread.

Total cost is no more than $5 - a bargain for three lunches!

Prep. time is minimal.

This simple meal can also be made from products from stores other than Trader Joes.


Those of us who live in a Trader Joes market area are just about members of a food cult.  We are great admirers of their products - 'though labels should be checked for some of their products  are not necessarily healthy.



(Trader Joes is owned by the same German Holding Company with runs Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud. There are many Aldi stores in G.B. and there is one in this part of SW Florida - up in Bradenton, FL)

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