Monday, 12 August 2013

Horseless carriage not needed/ Help for neighbour needed again.

I did not need to use my horseless carriage/motor car/automobile today.

I did not need to shop.

I did not need to go anywhere.

The "big ole beast" enjoyed a day off, resting in the car port.

My dog and I had a few nice walks, even in the 92f heat.


My "neighbour with all the problems" fell down today. She could not get up.

She called the Visiting Nurses office to report her plight.

Someone in that office called 911 to get some EMT's to her home.

A staff person in  that office also called me, in the (vain) hope that I held a key to her home.  I did not.

The EMT's arrived but were unable to open my neighbour's front door.

So I contacted our Condo. Assoc. Office,  from which our (very part time) administrator drove up with a key, to enable egress for the EMT's.

If she had not been at work I would have had to track down one of the Condo. Assoc Board members to get a spare key from the Office safe,.

The EMT's rescued my neighbour and helped her into a change of clothes.

The neighbour refused to go to the hospital.

This is getting stale.


Our Office administrator was able to persuade my neighbour to provide keys to me and to another neighbour, so that in the next crisis (and it will happen),  the emergency services will have easy access to her home.

And so it goes.  My neighbour has poor physical health (and possible mental illness).  She is a hoarder. She is utterly stubborn. She lives in dreadful squalor. There will another crisis, of this I am certain.

It's wearisome for me, but I'd rather have a key  for the use of  emergency workers in the next crisis, than to to have to go through the rigamarole of tracking down a Condo Board member, or the Office Administrator to get an emergency key from the Office safe .... at Lord knows what hour of the day or night.


My actions are rooted not in charity, but in self-interest.


  1. I don't want to be pedantic (no wait a minute I love being pedantic) but shouldn't it be "ingress" not "egress", unless your neighbour had the EMT's locked in!