Friday, 13 September 2013

Arithmetic ..... and Duty

1. Arithmetic.

Dear JMP

Please remember that 725 - 100 = 625  (not 525).

That being noted, you now know why when balancing your check/cheque book there was a $100 discrepancy.

Be grateful that the error was in your favour.

Yours faithfully,



2. Duty.

I have been called for Jury service at the Sarasota FL Superior Court next Monday. In truth I welcome this opportunity for civic duty. It's better to be in a Country where trials are heard before a Jury of one's peers than to be in a land in which Judges make decisions without "lay" input.

I have such mixed feelings about this: (a)  I want to do my duty  (b)  I want to have good care for my darling dog. 

My usual dog-care friends cannot take care of Penne on Monday:-  R and C are dog-sitting another pooch,  R and L will be in South Carolina.

My neighbour B has promised to stop by a couple of times next Monday to assure Penne that she has not been abandoned, and to take her out for pee walks.

If I am not empanelled B's care for Penne will be for no more than 8-9 hours on Monday. 

If I am empaneled the likelihood is that it will be for a one day trial.

In the meantime I have two reasons to hope that I will be released.

For on Tuesday morning I have an appointment with an Ocular Surgeon/Plastic Surgeon to consult about a growth on my lower left eyelid.  (Noble reason).

And on Tuesday afternoon my new Bowling League has its first match.  (Ignoble reason)

On the whole I will be honoured as a proud U.S. Citizen if I am empanelled.

* ( I was called twice in Pittsfield MA, and once on Cambridge MA, but I was not needed for Jury service in these three calls).

**  (It used to be the case that Clerics were automatically exempted from Jury service. That exemption was rightly abandoned some 25 years ago)

***  ( When I reach the grand old age of 70 (May 26th 2014) I will be allowed to refuse Jury Service on the grounds of age).

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