Sunday, 8 September 2013


I like Lamb, and have done so since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

I don't eat it very often because (a) it's supposed to be "not good for you", and (b) it's darned expensive.  I probably have not eaten lamb for more than a year.

My taste buds were yelling at me yesterday "east some lamb, eat some lamb, eat some lamb"

I knew that I could buy a leg of Lamb at Sam's Club, but I also knew that it would be expensive.

Trader Joe's also has good leg of Lamb, but it too is expensive (and seasoned too much for my taste)

So I took myself to my local Winn Dixie Supermarket. I hunted in vain for leg of lamb.  I hunted in even more vain for shoulder of lamb.

Then, tucked away in a corner I spotted some "shoulder blade Lamb chops" on sale at a very decent price -  two good sized chops for three bucks.

Shoulder blade lmb chop.

Of course many good folks eschew shoulder blade chops on the grounds that they are very fatty and very boney.  But that's the point. It is the fat and the bone which gives them their great flavour.

I say "Yummy". Thus my lunch today was a chop, grilled to perfection and very juicy, with roasted red potato, sweet potato, baby bella mushrooms, and sweet onion.  A feast fit for a Queen.

The crowning glory was the English "mint sauce" which I made today.

 This is not the same as the ghastly American "mint jelly"  which is very sweet and not very minty.

Mint sauce is made with some fresh mint leaves  finely chopped,and  a teaspoonful or two of malt vinegar, and a bit of sugar. It enhances and blesses the flavour of the lamb.

Mint Sauce

This posting together with yesterday's (about my pooch) will most certainly confirm your beliefs that I am a fussy old Queen.  So be it!

And if you are good I will tell you about my bunions in a future post (lmao)

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