Saturday, 14 September 2013



I like this word.  The wonderful St. James's Cambridge MA parishioner Anne R used it when she was the very able editor of the parish newsletter.


A Swedish woman,  with the improbable Nordic name of ":Randi" lives in the nearby Glen Oaks Garden Condominiums.  She is a total sweetheart and we have gentle  conversations when we meet on our walks.

 In the old fashioned way I bow to her and she curtsies to me.

I have not seen Randi for many months. This gives me cause for concern, and I worry lest she is sick or has passed from this life.

"Trouble is" that I do not know her last name, and that she lives in a development which has five three storey buildings with a total of at least 150 units - thus making it improbable that I could track her down.

I hope that she is in good health and that we will encounter each other ere long.


I had a lovely 'phone chat with a dear Pittsfield MA friend - (Gwen Sears) - today.  Gwen is a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. Her  ministry has been a means of blessing to scores and scores of people.

We mentioned another Pittsfield friend - a good woman who sadly views all of  life through negative lenses.

I told Gwen that I would take some time to telephone this woman, and added that "a 'phone call to x is no 
more interesting  than having an enema"  Gwen knew exactly what I meant.


I have a fabulous Primary Care Physician, Dr. Kristen P. She "knows her onions". I respect her greatly. "So why" I ask  "do I revert to being a young boy who is desperately anxious to please his mother when I have a consultation with this fabulous Doctor?".


I make notes each evening about the "important" (ahem)  matters  I have to take care of next morning. Is this an "age thing" or is it "normal"?

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