Tuesday, 10 September 2013


When Republicans get whiney (every day) and lament what they call "President Obama's lack of leadership", what they mean is that they long for chest-thumping, devil take the hindmost, braggadocious and bloviating leadership of Dick Cheney's poodle, George W. "Mission Accomplished" Bush.

"Shrub"  (as he was named by the late but inimical Molly Ivins) had neither the grace or smarts of his father George H.W. Bush who led a truly international coalition to kick the Iraqis out of Kuwait, but was wise enough not  to push the fight into Iraq itself.

"Shrub" led us into two disastrous wars (Iraq and Afghanistan).

I prefer President Obama's measured and cautious approach.

( I reserve the right to change my mind, if necessary,  after President Obama's address to the Nation later today).

In the meantime my ears ache as I hear the Republicans singing "All we are saying is give peace a chance"

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