Monday, 30 December 2013

Bob's your uncle, and adventures with Ben.

1.  For reasons which I do not understand, I was thinking earlier today of the expression "Bob's your uncle",  which is/was in common use in the U.K.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about this idiomatic expression:

"Bob's your uncle” is an expression of unknown origin, commonly used in Britain and Commonwealth nations. Typically, someone says it to conclude a set of simple instructions, similar to the French expression "et voilà!" or the American slang expressions "...and that's that," or "...and there you go!"

What Wikipedia did not say is  that if a person says "Bob's your uncle", some other person will invariably add "and Fanny's your aunt".   Who knows why?


I say "God bless Uncle Bob and Aunt Fanny".  Are there any dissenters?



2.  My morning plan was simple.  As well as engaging in the traditional task of "Monday as washing/laundry day"'   I planned:-


First to go to the Post Office to buy stamps
Second to stop by my local supermarket to buy nothing more than some "Half and Half" and some "Scotch/Sello tape"
Third to go to the most local pet food store which stocks "Science Diet" cat food, there to buy some canned food for my felines and some poopy bags for my dog.
 The plan was working well until, when I was  wandering my local supermarket I  did not see my good friend Ben whose macular degeneration is a great source of sadness for him, and of great worry for his pals.
But Ben saw me!

He ventured that he planned to go to Staples to buy yet another "super magnifying glass".

I was a-feared at the prospect of  Ben driving the four or more miles to our nearest Staples.  So I offered to drive him there and baited him with the prospect of a stop at Total Wine, his favourite store!

 Ben drove to his home to disgorge his groceries, and I followed along. That having been done I drove him to Total Wine and to Staples.

Total Wine is a bit misnamed. It is a source of the best wines, and of  huge variety of spirits, and a grand array of beers, ales, porters and ciders etc

My dear Ben purchased a shipping order at Total Wine, so much so that I ventured that we needed a  Pantechnicon to take his goods home!

Then we went to Staples so that Ben could buy his magnifier. He did so (even though I "have me doubts" that any magnifier is effective against macular degeneration).

It was at that point that I realised that I had not yet gotten the cat food.

So, with Ben's cooperation we back-tracked  to Pet Smart to purchase the delicacies for my cats.

I drove Ben to his home and helped him to unload his goods, and  drove home  to disgorge my stuff.

Guess what?

 In my great adventure with Ben I had forgotten to buy any dog poop bags,



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