Friday, 3 January 2014

Hype/Ratings/panic:- SNOW is not the end of the world,

Words from my Berkshires colleague R.F, from me, and from another  Facebook friend of R.F.

Here is my code to R.F.'s  words, to my comments, and to the truth as written by another of R.F's pals..

Red -  words by R.F.
Purple -  comments by JMP
Blue - response to R.F's posting from one of R.F's Facebook friends.


I can remember when weather reporting wasn't so eschatological. “Cold and snowy in New England in January.” ( is the norm"  ) "Yeah, duh." 

  1. R.F  nails it  (jmp),

JMP continues:

Of course the norm at this time of year in New England (and other places) is cold and snowy. During my years in Massachusetts (1976-2006) I endured many a blizzard and very many bitterly cold days in wintertime. But I am alive and well; none of the storms were *the end of the world.

I did not care for the storms and blizzards, but I care even less for the reports by the Radio and T.V. "weather industry", designed as it was and is to keep us on the edge of our seats.

As one of R.F's friends commented  on Facebook.
"Hey, you have to remember that the weather industry is part of the ENTERTAINMENT industry. It's all about market share, hence it's always about hype."

You can say that again.


(* eschatological as used by R.F. (above) is a theological word that has to do with the end of  our times)

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