Saturday, 4 January 2014

Eposcopalians cannot sing - but sometimes they abandon themselves to old time Gospel Hymns.

I have been indulging in some of the old hymns from my childhood and youth on YouTube this evening

"We're Marching to Zion" is a text by Isaac Watts - "the father of English Hymnody".  The version below includes a refrain which was added later.

Believe it or not this energetic gospel hymn is sung by some staid Episcopalians, even in "liberal Boston"!  It is included in one of our Hymnals called "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing".

We sang it many times in the Diocese of Massachusetts, encouraged and enabled by our fabulous Bishop Barbara Harris.  And we clapped!   (Yeah for the Diocese of Mass!). Yeah, yeah, yeah for Bishop Harris!

Retired old fart Episcopalians in Florida have yet to discover the joy of gospel singing!

( I have no knowledge of the Church and Choir which sings it in this version, but some of the older folks are almost "letting themselves go" in the clapping!)

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