Sunday, 5 January 2014

Eposcopalians? and other stuff

Eposcopalians?  No, not another break-away Church.  Blame it on my poor manual dexterity  (but I can talk good).

Dog tails. Late this morning Penne and I walked through what is called "no man's land" - a wee strip of undevelopable ( thank goodness) land between Glen Oaks Manor and Glen Oks Ridge.

We came upon three children who were playing there.  This was great because we live in a 55+ community and never see or hear children unless they are visiting their grandparents.

One of the children, a boy aged probably eight or nine stood with his arms leaning on a low fence as her surveyed the scene.

As we drew nearer he said "you have a very pretty dog"  I happen to agree with him, but I was surprised and delighted to hear this from a young lad.

I introduced him to Penne, showing him how to greet a dog in a friendly way.  Penne adjusted her make up and then wagged her tail, as the young lad scratched her haunches.

Foot in Mouth. I was at a Viola recital this afternoon, give by the very talented Phillip Hall, who is just under 18 years old, and getting ready for college.  Phil is the son of Jean Hall and her husband John.  John is our Rector.

Phil's recital was just about flawless.  It amazed me that he could play music by Bach, Brahms and William Walton without a score. Terrific.

The recital took place at the "Whitfield Memorial Presbyterian Church" in Bradenton, FL.  I have driven by this Church so many times and have always thought that it must be one of the ugliest Church buildings in the area.

It was even worse inside.  The architecture has no redeeming features.

As I chatted with friends after the recital I ventured to say "this is a truly ugly Church".

WRONG! For standing next to me was one of the most faithful members of the Church. She explained how the Sanctuary had been divided in to two halves and this I could not see its true beauty. I muttered polite nothings.

But what was sad is that as wee looked out onto the large parking lot she said "there used to be 400 cars in that lot each Sunday.  Now there are only 100".   She said it again.

So that is why the Sanctuary was divided in two. The Church has "lost"  (or failed to replace) three quarters of its membership.  And that will be the way of the world for most of the mainline denominations in Florida.

I am not sure if that is bad or good.

An old photo of the Church  (the only one I could find on the internet)

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