Saturday, 26 April 2014

Enviromentally Safer Weed Control? I hope so

I  offer  a recipe for a "safe" weed killer  -  I damn well hope so, even though I am not a skilled environmentalist.

Try this for spot weeding on driveways, brick pavers, crazy paving areas, and hard to reach weeds in flower beds.

It has no noxious chemicals which will remain in the soil for many generations.


1 gallon white vinegar

1/2 cup of table salt

1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid.

MIX WELL then transfer to an old and cleansed spray bottle.


Spray on "spot weeds"  on a hot and sunny day on which there are no prospects of rain,  after the  dew has evaporated. It will work well,  but may need two applications.


1.This is for spot weeding only. DO NOT USE IT ON LAWNS unless your aim is "super accurate" as it will kill weeds in your lawn AND the grass itself.

2. Salt is a vegetation killer so this recipe should be used sparingly.

3. I truly believe that this is more environmentally friendly than commercial products such as Roundup etc., but of course I may well be wrong (obligatory disclaimer).

4.  There are some "weeds" which should be embraced and eaten!


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