Wednesday, 23 April 2014

There is the world, there is the USA, and by golly there is Texas.

Wise and thoughtful Americans (and others) will have well formed and sensible views about the American State of Texas.
They will think along these lines:
The State of Texas is like a family uncle.  
This uncle  is opinionated, he is a bloviator, he is self referential, he is entirely certain that his opinion is the only one which is worthwhile or valid.
He is not at all certain that he wishes to be a member of the family, but he enjoys the  benefits of family life.
 The State of Texas loves the benefits which arise from being part of the USA.
Yet, at the same time  Texans all too often espouse views such as those which are seen in the following photo':
These are views that move the hearts and minds of Texans away from the ideal of a common good in the United States, towards selfish, lawless, and dangerous individualism.
On a car in Texas  (photo' via L.G.)

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