Friday, 25 April 2014

Ramblings of a sentimental old duffer.

1.  When I look at my dog Penne and call her name she wags her tail with enthusiasm. 
Sometimes I do not have to say a single word to evoke her tail wagging -  a look in her direction is more than enough to make her happy.
But I get teary eyed at the thought that she was deposited at an animal shelter just over five years ago. 
 I think "who were the damn idiots who left her there, why did they not appreciate her".
My thoughts move on.
"Wow", I say, "what god-incidence led to Penne being left at Sarasota's Humane Society just at the time when I decided to adopt a dog?'
Penne brings so much pleasure to my life.

2. "God willing and if the crick don't rise" I'll be in England a few weeks from now, there to enjoy my 70th birthday.
It will be a blessing to be with my eight siblings.  Most of all I will rejoice to see our "big sister" Maureen.  She is a fabulous woman who, with her husband Bernard, brings joy and blessing to so many of their family members and church friends,
Maureen and Bern, together with my beloved youngest brother Martyn and his wife Wendy will join me on a cruise from England to Norway and back.  Whoope-dee-doo!
The prospect of this time with my big sister and my little brother (with their spouses) also brings tears to these old eyes.

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