Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Strange expressions

1.  Why do we say that something is to be  "auctioned off", when all we need to say is that it is to be auctioned?

2. Why do we "print up" from our computers when all we need to say is print?

3. Why did a cook on the Food Network say (today) that she was about to "fry up" some bacon rather than saying that she was about to fry the bacon?

4.  Why do those being interviewed and asked a question on the radio or T.V.  frequently begin their answer with "so"? (This initial response has become ubiquitous.   At first I heard it only from those whose native language is German, but who were speaking in English. I conceded that it was a useful "bridge word" to enable the person being questioned to have a brief second for thought.  Now I hear it all the time from native English speakers.)

5. So why do I enjoy being a curmudgeon?

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