Wild Life and Nature: Pics of a Cougar, of Cats and Dogs, and of Saint Penne of Sarasota

An American Cougar in the wild (pic via Ken K)

Saint Penne of Sarasota has never been keen about bones, until I bought her an Antler.

Many of our local pet food stores sell portions of Deer antlers as Dog treats.  I bought one for Penne.
She likes it so much and gnaws upon it then  carries it from room to room.
Here she is on my bed with her antler portion.
You can see my CPAP machine to the left, and Penne's toy (named baby) to the right.
Some websites are in favour of antler treats for dogs, others abominate them.
It is hard to know which website to trust.
Nevertheless my Penne likes her antler portion, and it appears not to harm her.


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