Friday, 2 May 2014

The irrational exhuberance of T.V. weather forecasters, and jelly donuts.

The National Weather Service broke into radio and television programmes this afternoon to issue a tornado warning for these parts.
Given the recent tornado created deaths and destruction I paid attention -  especially as the NWS bulletin said that the storm was moving to the north west of Sarasota County-  more or less my neck of the woods.
Then the local T.V. stations broke into regular programming so that staff meteorologists could do their stuff.
It transpired that notwithstanding the NWS bulletin the storm was moving north east.
Then the fun and games began. Both our local T.V. stations (I channel hopped) deployed multi-coloured  and utterly baffling radar based graphics  (just because they could). And the chattering weather reporters waxed long and loud with all manner of speculation, and very little hard new or information.
They told us that the (suspected?) tornado was moving towards Myakka City. They advised residents in the storm path of precautions they should take. That's all anyone needed to know  - especially the people who live in  that area.
Then they couldn't stop talking.   We had to hear about every tiny weather "pod" out in the Gulf of Mexico which might develop into a tornado (or a jelly donut).
In these situations I have a feeling that the irrational forecasters have a sneaking hope that something worse might happen.  Dammit -  if there is an emergency  please stick to the facts as best you know them and stop chattering.
(No Jelly donuts fell in my locality).

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