Saturday, 22 November 2014

Bean sprouts and such

I like bean sprouts, mostly 'cause they look like healthy food (even if this is not the case).  Also because they have a decent "crunch".

They are sold here in wee plastic packets.

But unless I use them all in a stir-fry, they soon begin to rot and decay.  No one likes decaying bean sprouts  -  at least no one that I know.

FEAR NOT  I have devised a solution to the cosmic problem of rotting bean sprouts.

I place them in a bowl, and then mix in a wee bit of mayonnaise. ("Duke's" brand in the U.S.A. is the best).

Then I add some finely chopped green onions (in the U.K. they are called  spring onions).

Good crunchy food, with the onions providing an unmistakable flavour (which the bean sprouts do not have).

They last for days, and make a good side dish to accompany cold meats, or home made  savoury sandwiches.

My good Bristol U.K. cousin Janet was at my home for lunch today with her partner Steve. They scoffed the bean sprout and green/spring onion side dish.   I served it with "make your own" ham and cheese sandwiches, using Ciabatta rolls, (and with "sides" of tasty tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and potato chips/crisps).

Goodness gracious, it was a good lunch,  (even though I say it myself!).

Now Janet and Steve are on their way back to LHR after their customary two week November holiday in South West Florida.

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