Sunday, 16 November 2014


Dead rat on the outside paving stones
When I took my early morning cup of coffee out to my Lanai this morning (Sunday 16th November 2014) I saw this dead rat on the rug.  I scooped her/him up with a broom and a dustpan, and deposited him/her onto the paving stones by the lanai door.
One of my good cats  (probably junior cat Adelaide) had caught said rat sometime during the night. Good Cat!
That same cat also killed the rat (a bit of blood here and there).  Good Cat!
The previous Povey Home Rat Kill was when my "not so well" next door neighbour (now in a nursing home) had all manner of opened bags of junk food, and half eaten pizzas, in every room of her rat-attractive home.
On that occasion I heard a kerfuffle in the early morning hours. A neighbour rat had entered our domain. So what I heard  was j/c Adelaide with a rat in her jaws.  Good Cat!
On that occasion  I managed to isolate cat and rat on the lanai, (especially important,  since senior cat Ada, and best-beloved dog Penne were trying to get in on the kill)
By morning light j/c Adelaide had eaten every last bit of that invading rat., tail and all.
No such feast for j/c Adelaide this morning.  As soon as  there was  enough daylight I tossed the dead rat away from my outside paving stones, and into a distant enough place, to provide a snack for the vultures.
Should Adelaide be sad that she missed her fast food, I will say this again to and about her: 
Good Cat!

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