English stiif upper lip (or an old fart).

I was in a store today, and when I got to the check-out the clerk (cashier) said "thank you sweetheart".

I bristled.

She was a pleasant young woman in her mid-twenties.

I am a seventy, going on seventy-one year old man.

Truly, whether I am an Englishman with a stiff upper lip (doubtful),  or an old fart  (probable) I do not wish to be called "sweetheart" by an utter stranger.

I responded to her words with a soft and gentle:  "please not sweetheart".

She immediately apologized.

I do not fault her.  I blame her employers who have been dilatory in their staff training.

In my opinion "thank you sir", or "thank you ma'am"  are perfectly adequate greetings.


Am I an Englishman with a stiff upper lip (doubtful),  or am I an old fart  (probable)?


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