Sunday, 1 February 2015

What a great day (1) 1st February 2015

It's been a wee bit chilly (by our standards) today so I thought it wise to wear a blazer, with my slacks and short sleeved shirt.

Trouble was, I could not find my one and only blazer. Lord knows what happened to it.

Did I leave it somewhere? Did I jettison it? Is it at the cleaners? (Doubtful 'cause I always keep the dry cleaner's receipt in my car  - poking out of the never used ash tray, and because the cleaner would have 'phoned me by now had I failed to retrieve it). 

Not to worry - I went up to "Goodwill", a fine place for pre-owned clothing, and got a nice blue blazer - just the right sleeve length - for the princely sum of $6.49.

Back to the great day. 

It was a goof off day - one on which I did not attend my "home" at St. Boniface Church, but instead joined in worship at the Presbyterian Church of the Palms here in SRQ.

I was there to hang out with my friends Gary and Colleen Buchmeier, and their daughters Anna and Sophie, and my friends Sarah and Steven Soboleski, with their young children Sawyer (m) and Sidney (f).

The Buchmeiers and Soboleskis left St. Boniface last year, in sorrow not in anger.  I miss them, so today, (as in last September) I became a Presbyterian for the day so that I could enjoy their fellowship.

You may remember that Gary, Colleen, Anna and Sophie were present for the dinner we had the other week with Carl Hye-Knudsen in the Assisting Living Facility where he lives, and with his wife Melba. At that dinner I got to be silly about "BoGo" - (the Buy one, Get one (free) offers at our local Supermarkets.

Anna was tickled pink about the "BoGo" thing, so today I made a name tag which identified me as "Michael Bogo".  That made her laugh.

The Church of the Palms is thriving, so much so that it has four services each Sunday. We were at the 9:00 a.m. "Traditional" service, and the place was packed.  In this case "traditional" means a typically somber Presbyterian service, using, for instance,  the old-fashioned "Thee and Thou" language for God.

The Church has a very large choir (which is good, but not great).  The Minister preaches well, with sermons rooted in the bible.  He is as much an orator as he is a preacher (in the historic Scots Presbyterian tradition).

Church of the Palms has great programmes for children and youth.  And it is engaged deeply in missions of healing, justice and education throughout the world.

I enjoy being there from time to time, but I miss my own preferred tradition where the service is focused on the Holy Eucharist  (Communion) each Sunday.

The next part of my great day was being at Sarasota's "Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall" for a magnificent matinee concert given by the Sarasota Orchestra.  More about that tomorrow.

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