Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My missing blazer, and Neil Page

Last Sunday (1st February 2015) I wrote this on my blog (and posted it to Facebook).

It's been a wee bit chilly (by our standards) today, so I thought it wise to wear a blazer, alongside my slacks and short sleeved shirt (for Church in the morning, and for the Symphony Concert in the afternoon)

Trouble was, I could not find my one and only blazer, which I purchased from our "Goodwill" charity shop five or six years ago,   Lord knows what happened to it.

Did I leave it somewhere? Did I jettison it? Is it at the cleaners? (Doubtful 'cause I always keep the dry cleaner's receipt in my car  - poking out of the never used ash tray, and because the cleaner would have 'phoned me by now had I failed to retrieve it).  

I thought that a blazer would be appropriately smart  and necessary clothing for the Concert, so after Church, I went up to "Goodwill", a fine place for pre-owned clothing, and got a nice blue blazer - just the right sleeve length - for the princely sum of $6.49.
Neil Page, the Director of Music at St. Boniface Church in Sarasota FL,  (where I hang my hat) saw my Facebook entry, and noted that he had seen a blazer, on a hanger in the vesting room at St. B's.
It was indeed my blazer, (which I had last  worn on Jan 11th when I was the Presider and Preacher at St. B's 7:45 Eucharist, and the Preacher at 9:00) , and subsequently  left it in the Cleric's vesting room
I retrieved it this morning,, (thanks Neil).

 So now I  own two "fairly decent" blazers, each purchased at Goodwill.


"If you have two coats, give one away," he (Jesus)  said in St. Luke's Gospel Chapter 3.


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