Saturday, 7 February 2015

Thank you Ena

As I backed out of a parking spot at Target this morning I braked, and heard a clunk.  I thought it was because a bag of tools in the trunk had shifted and moved around.

I began to drive away slowly, and a super excited person ran alongside me and yelled "you hit that other car".  So I stopped, walked back, and chatted to the woman whose car I had "bumped". 

I asked her to wait so that I could re-park my car, and then exchange insurance information.

I did not want to drive forward and find a spot in another lane, lest she should think that I was doing a moonlight flit.  So I had to reverse to regain my previous spot -  not easy because  there was yet another car trying to enter the spot I had vacated. The driver of that car was gracious enough to give way to me once the situation had been explained to him.

That being done I fished out my insurance information, and walked towards the woman whose car I had hit.  The damage I had caused was minimal.

She said "let's not get into this insurance thing, my car is not badly damaged".  I checked "are you sure?".  "Yes" she said.    I thanked her and added "my name is Michael".  She responded "I am Ena".  Then she hugged me!

Truth is that we were most likely equally at fault, for she too had been backing out of her spot. And truth to tell,  I did not want to involve my car insurance, and perhaps lose my deducible and face an increase in premiums.

My cynical/realistic side wonders if Ena was un-insured.

My truthful side remembers that I failed to heed my brother Martyn's words" Use your mirrors, use your mirrors".

Whatever the case I am happy to report a gracious encounter: one with no anger, no recrimination, no cross words  -   simply a lovely hug from Ena -  and good feelings all around.

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