Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Feline Nocturnal Naughtiness

I am not always sure what my cats, Adelaide and Ada, are "up to"  when I sleep, but I know that they are "up to no good".

The evidence is that they set out to destroy my home on their nocturnal prowls

I state my case:

The mat by my kitchen sink twisted into odd shapes.
Cupboard doors opened.
"Runners" removed from tables.
An overturned and damaged table lamp. 
Any object on any side table batted to the floor.
And a determination to awaken me at 4:30 a.m.
If I close my bedroom door, one or the other of them will "come-a-scratching" the door  at that early hour.
If I close it, one or other of them will "yowl"  at that same time.
Last night was bad (as I discovered this morning).
I'd left a bag of "Temptations" cat treats un-zipped on a kitchen counter.  Such an irresistible temptation for Ada and Adelaide!
They managed to eat some of the treats; to "bat" some of them into the kitchen sink; and to move the bag to my front hallway.
One of them,  (most likely Ada),  rewarded my careless and unintentional generosity by coughing up a hair-ball into a saucepan which I had left on the stove top for that very purpose.
The "Temptations" treat bag will be in the fridge tonight.
But Ada and Adelaide will continue to dream up and act nocturnal naughtiness unless I also place them in the fridge each night.  Now there's a thought!
My friend Susan H  placed this cartoon on her Facebook page today.   It speaks to my condition!

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