Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lunch at home today (thanks to Trader Joe's)

A four ounce fillet of Dover Sole  (broiled with a little butter on top),  with ....

......A mélange of (very) Sweet Corn, Edamame (soy) Beans, and Italian * Fava Beans.

It was so very good.

Who wants to live with me, and eat well?


* "Fava Beans" are what people in the U.K. (and other Commonwealth Countries)  call "Broad Beans". I ate these frequently when I was growing up, and enjoyed them.

But the Trader Joe's "Italian Fava Beans" are more delicious than I could have imagined as a lad. 

They have, of course, first been taken out of the pod:  (that's essential when eating broad/fava beans).

That being done the  T.J's product has advantages over the Broad Beans of my youth. 

First, the beans  are smaller and much more tender.

Second, the tough outer skin of the shelled beans has been  removed.

(I  do this when I buy Fava beans "in the pod" at one of our local produce markets, but boy-oh- boy it's a labour intensive task).


Darned good lunch I say!


Dover Sole

Edamame (Soy) Beans.

Broad (Fava) Beans in the pod.


T.J.'s Italian Fava Beans. (Outer skin removed.)

Fava/Broad Beans before removal of outer "skin:.

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