There is nothing like a "less than adequate" sermon (shall we say) to set me off on to a grumbly mood.

Sermon or not, I have been very grumbly today.  Hence I am a "grumbletonian".

1.  Why do my neighbours set out their old furniture roadside on a Sunday,  when our Condo. Association rules mandate that such items should not be set out until Wednesday evening?  (Thursday is our trash collection day).
2.  Why do my neighbours set out plastic bags filled with raked leaves on a Saturday night when (a) the Condo. Assoc. requires that they not be set out until Wednesday evenings, and (b) the City mandates that yard waste should be contained in large paper sacks,  (all the easier to grind and be used to make mulch).
3.   Why do some of my neighbours allow their dogs to roam free?, (against the rules).  These owners may well believe that their pets are graciously harmless.  That may well be the case, but how can they be sure that other dogs (such as my Penne) are more than skittish around stranger dogs.

4.  What is it about "Stop" signs which lead some drivers to believe that they are exempt from stopping?    As I walked out with Penne this early evening some nincompoop of a driver decided that one of our stop signs did not apply to him.

I held out my hand to signify that he should stop.  That he did, and then he asked me why I had held out my hand.

I responded with "these stop signs are here to slow you down, so that pedestrians such as I can be safe". (There are no sidewalks in my community). 

The driver claimed that he had stopped in good time, notwithstanding that his vehicle was more than half way over the white line.

5.  I bought some  frozen "Halibut in Batter"  from Trader Joe's,  to have for lunch today. 

The package contained many very small portions of Halibut (maybe the off-cuts from larger fillets), in a batter which did not cook well.

It is to be avoided.  I suspect that good Halibut does not need batter.

But the baby asparagus I got at T.J's was very good.


There, now I feel better.


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