Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Memory is so odd, and so very random. (Farley's Rusks)

Yesterday,  as I walked out,  for reasons which are beyond my ken, I began to think about "Farley's Rusks".

According to Wiki. "A rusk is a hard, dry biscuit or a twice-baked bread. It is sometimes used as a baby teething food"

The most famous brand of rusk in the U.K. was made by the Farley Company in Plymouth, Devonshire.

Since I have five younger siblings I am very familiar with Farley's Rusks.  They were all but omnipresent in our home.  As it says: "they were a baby teething food". There were five babies in our  home  after me (from 1950 - 1956), each of whom needed Farley's Rusks as they "teethed" and moved from breast or bottled milk to solid foods.

Lord alone knows if I cheated my younger sibs out of their fare shares of rusks, 'cause I liked them too. They were so tasty in warm milk, or smothered with butter.

QUESTION.  "What trick of memory made me remember "Farley's Rusks" yesterday morning?"

COMMENT.  The Farley Company was in due course "acquired" by the Heinz Corporation.  The Plymouth, U.K. bakery was closed by Heinz. Rusks were baked by Heinz "elsewhere".  The well-honed skills of  the Farley Companies' Plymouth Bakers  were accounted as nothing.

Farley's Rusks

A babe sucks and nibbles on a Rusk. (I do not know this particular child, the pic is from Google Images). 

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