Friday, 19 June 2015

Doing Business (2) -Manasota "fail"

I've had a contract with a local home air-conditioning business for about seven years.

This company has checked my a/c unit semi-annually ( for money of course).  A couple of years ago this company persuaded me that I needed a new central a/c unit, which I bought, for about Five Grand.

Their Sales Department is good.

I am not so sure about their Service Department. 

This is why:

Following my return from England in June 2014  I called this Company to remind them that they had neglected the scheduled May 2014 inspection and service call.

Their agent  told me that the Company had attempted to contact me by sending postcards,

When I responded by saying that I had not received the cards the rep said "oh, that often happens, the cards don't get delivered".  ("Then why send postcards", say I, "why not use e-mail or the 'phone?")

After this "run-around" my a/c unit was finally inspected in October.

Came May of this year, and I realised that the semi-annual inspection who had fallen due in April had not happened.

I called.  The rep said that they had an incorrect phone # for me (despite the fact that I had made sure they had the right # when I'd talked to them last October?.   The rep was gracious and all, but I asked to speak to a supervisor.  That conversation took place the next day.  I, firmly, but very quietly said that I was not pleased with their service.

In the event, the April inspection took place on May 28th.  The technician told me that his report would be sent to me electronically.  It wasn't, so I called on Tuesday of last week, 9th June   Once again the rep was gracious and apologetic.  She told me that the report would be e-mailed to me within ten minutes.

I have waited not ten minutes, but ten days, The report has not arrived.

So I am not renewing my contract  (SRQ friends, it's been with the "big company" which frequently has full page ads. for new air-con units, in the Herald-Tribune).

That company seems to be more interested in sales than service.

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