Tuesday, 16 June 2015


As I wandered into a Starbuck's this morning for a meeting with some of my Clerical friends  (by the way, I think Starbuck's Coffee is perfectly dreadful), a noticed a VW car with a British number plate on the front.

(In Florida we have only rear number plates).

It read  MUFCG18.

As I entered the store I immediately identified the owner on account of a decal on his shirt.

He told me that the G  is because his name is Gee, and the 18 'cause that was his age when he got his driver's licence.

He ventured that I was one of the few who could interpret the MUFC.

I told him that my youngest brother is an (at a distance) admirer of LUFC.

Mr Gee said that he felt very sorry for my brother.

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