Sunday, 28 June 2015

I refuse to smile

I refuse to smile, for when eating salad (of all things) at lunch today, one of my lower teeth broke.

Thus my usual winning and attractive smile (!! LOL !! )  is alloyed, at least until I see Timothy Mercer D.M.D.  asap.

Crummy Selfie.

I was in my local 7/11 store this afternoon to purchase this and that (but not the other).
The Clerk (Assistant), a woman in her early forties, greeted me with these gracious and professional words:  "Wassup Honey? ".  
I could do no more than to burst out laughing at her (let's say) unconventional  greeting. Maybe, with one tooth missing I looked more like a "honey", than an utterly respectable Episcopal Priest.
 I giggle even as I write this, with my very silly tongue in one cheek.
ON A MORE SAD NOTE  (tongue in cheek again)  I finally "binned" (as they say in England)  a lighter which I bought in Viet Nam a few years ago.
It has long since ceased to work, but I had held on to it as a happy souvenir of my stay in Ho Chi Minh City (Sai- gon),   and the convenience store across the street from my Hotel.
I so much enjoyed being in Viet Nam.  I would love to return there, if I could  get off the beaten tourist track.


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  1. Your letter to the Boston Globe was published!

    cheers from another resident of the "I told you so" state - Joan