I will not be dating in the near future

Today the very fine Endodontist, Dr. Raul Ortiz, took a look at my tooth; (the one from which a crown had "popped"), (and he did not charge a single red cent).

He determined that I could have a repair which would involve having a new post inserted into the root, and a new crown inserted.

But, honest man that he is, he told me that because the root is so feeble,  this (very costly) "fix" could work for a lifetime, or it might only last for a year.

The alternatives (which he suggested), is to have the root removed, and then to have the tooth replaced with a partial plate; or to have an implant.

So it is back to my equally fine Dentist, Dr. Timothy Mercer, who will recommend an orthodontic surgeon to  remove the root, and insert an implant, OR for  Dr. Mercer to fit me for a partial, and then have it made. I already have a lower partial with two teeth at the right end.

I am entirely grateful to Drs. Ortiz and Mercer who will work together to enable the least expensive and most effective solution. It is such a privilege to work with these two dental professionals who are concerned more for my dental health than they are for more expensive and lucrative procedures. 

The procedures which Dr. Ortiz suggested will take a while.

Thus I will be snaggle toothed for weeks ahead,

That's why I will not be dating in the near future.  (Giggles!)

(And gratitude to Dr. Raul Ortiz, and Dr, Timothy Mercer)


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