Sunday, 22 May 2016

A friendship which enriches my soul: Dr. Grace Jones.

I have been trying to contact a good friend whose truth, love and honesty have enriched my life,

Due to her change of e-mail address and the failure of her 'phone to recognise my 'phone number, we have been out of touch for a few months.

But "voila", I got through to her by 'phone this evening.

We had one of those deep and caring 'phone conversations which sustain and bless our lives.

She is Dr. Grace Jones.  We met each other back in 1984 when we both lived in Pittsfield, MA.  She has taught me so much.

God willing we shall see each other in December 2016  when I plan to take a trip to Massachusetts

I thank God for old friendships, especially those which have "held me accountable", Dr. Grace Jones is high in my pantheon of such friends.

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