Monday, 12 June 2017

Heart Healthy Diet

I've had to lay off bread, bacon,and dairy etc (I haven't eaten cheese in two weeks -  argh!)

Red Meat is also "not good".    I am not terribly fond of pork ("The Other White Meat"as the advertisers say). Skinless chicken  is O.K, but it can become very old hat. Steamed veggies are good, as is some fish.Legumes are great.

I'll never become a complete vegetarian,but some veggie burgers are pretty good.

The Black Bean Burgers are very tasty.  The Kale Burgers are a bit bland, but I sometimes eat them cooked and cooled with a slice or two of good ("Ugly Ripe") tomatoes/

I thought that Oatmeal would be a good choice for Breakfast. This  steel cut "Irish Oatmeal" claims to be better that stone ground Oatmeal. Why is this?

I had some for my breakfast this morning (12th) June with a sliced banana, but it was oh so bland.

I'll add a bit of honey tomorrow.  Is this cheating on a heart healthy diet?

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