Sunday, 11 June 2017

Mrs. Grace Edwards and Trinity Sunday

I didn't attend Church this morning, Trinity Sunday.  To be truthful I couldn't be bothered, but don't tell anyone this.

But I did think about Mrs. Grace Edwards, a parishioner in Pittsfield, MA. Many people thought that she was a spinster (to use an old fashioned word).  In truth she had been married but (I think) was widowed early in her marriage,   She was quick to tell folks that she was Mrs. Edwards, not Miss Edwards. Good for her.

Grace seized upon me one Trinity Sunday.  She asked "why do you Ministers always make us sing "'oly,'oly 'oly on Trinity Sunday?"

I can't remember what I said, but in hindsight I might have replied "for lack of imagination".

The same Grace Edwards (a plain speaking New Englander)  accosted me at Coffee Hour after I had been Rector for about six months.

She said  "well Mr. Povey",  (not Father Povey!)  "what do you think of us so far?" Unusually for me I gave her a bland answer, muttering that I had not been there long enough to form a judgment.

Grace responded without equivocation. "Let me tell you" she said. "95% of the people here are good, honest, and hardworking.  You will ,like them".

"The other 5% are jerks, and that's all there is to be said about them".

She knew of which she spoke!


For your amusement. Cartoon from Google images.

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