Friday, 30 June 2017

Thursday fracquaintances

fracquaintance is my word for those people who are nor close enough to me to be called friend, but who are closer than a mere acquaintance.

I encountered two such persons on Thursday last.

Meesum is a fine young man who works for 7/11.  He used to be at my nearest 7/11 (Tuttle and 12th SRQ).  I go to this place for gas, it's just 1.8 miles from my home.  I always pay cash in advance at the cash register (the Credit/Debit card readers at the pumps an be compromised with skimmers).

Thus I got to encounter Meesum who was unfailingly polite, friendly and cheerful. We often exchanged cheerful and gracious banter.

He was promoted to be the Manager at another 7/11 up on Lockwood Ridge Road  (near DeSoto).  I missed seeing him.

On Thursday I was pumping gas/petrol in the early morning.  Another car drove in, and the driver waved at me. He went into the store and out again within two minutes, then he backed up his car to where I stood -  then I realised that it was Meesum who was paying a visit to his "old" store.

He took the time to greet me!  We exchanged some friendly chat. How wonderful when a store clerk/assistant become a fracquaintance.

My trash is picked up every Thursday by employees of Waste Management, working for, or on behalf of the City of Sarasota.

Those men and women work like crazy.  My regular is a fifty something man named Eddie - married with two grown up daughters, He is a joy and delight.  If I happen to be outside when he is on my street he always stops his vehicle, jumps out, and shakes my hand. We exchange happy greetings.

What a good world in which I know the name of my trash collector, and he knows mine.

Eddie is another fracquaintance.


Whoop-de-doo (or words to that effect!).

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