Saturday, 1 July 2017

Of Greyhounds and a cat

I miss my pal Ben.  He is a great dog, and I am sorry that his separation anxiety problem made it impossible for me to keep him.

The Racing Dog Rescue Program folks agree that I made a wise decision, and they tell me that he has settled well in his new home where he has a greyhound companion.

RDRP had a meet and greet session at Pet Smart this morning.

I went there in the hope that Ben and his  new family would be there, and because I wanted to make a small donation to RDRP,

Ben was not there, but I got my greyhound fix.  As I scratched the head and haunches of one of the beasts he pressed his body into my legs.  That was so good.  I was tempted to say "come home and live with me".  I resisted that temptation because I should not have a dog in my home until after my summer and early autumn travels...  but I was on the brink!


Meanwhile Adelaide is a bit out of sorts.  She hasn't eaten all day (even when I tempted her with a bit of tasty tuna); she's been yowling a bit, and hiding herself in quiet places.

Late this afternoon I saw that she is limping a wee bit.  I tend not to think that any of her limbs are broken because she has been quite capable of jumping up to a window sill  (not the one in the picture above); and into a pile of towels in my linen closet.

I've made her a comfortable bed in the screened in porch, where she has food, drink, and a litter box. I'll "let it be"until Monday (unless she shows signs of deep distress).

In the meantime I have given Adelaide a lot of snuggles  She likes this.  (and as my family members who have visited me from the U.K. know, I like/d my cat/s  (including the late lamented Ada), but I am not much of a cat snuggler.

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