Monday, 26 June 2017

U.K. Premier Theresa May and the Magic Money Tree.

In a recent comment about government cutbacks to Health Care (NHS) and Public Education the U.K. Prime Minister, Theresa May defended her austerity programmes by stating that "there is no magic money tree.".

How soon she forgets.  Today she found such a tree, which released One Billion Pounds to bribe the Northern Ireland "Democratic Unionist Party" into supporting her reactionary programme in the U.K. Parliament, and thus assure her of a Parliamentary Majority.  That translates into a Ten Million Pound bribe to each of the D.U.P. Members who sit in the U.K. parliament.

See this;

Northern Ireland, already financially coddled by  Westminster will stand to gain, even as Wales, Scotland and the poorer northern regions of England have to make do with less.

The Democratic Unionist Party of northern Ireland is a narrowly focused, bigoted  and utterly sectarian "Protestant" Political  Party.

I wonder how many Tory voters in England, Wales, and Scotland thought that their  vote in the recent General Election would also be a vote for the D.U.P.?

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