Sunday, 25 June 2017

Why should I be so fortunate?

I have mentioned my enrollment in a Sarasota Memorial Hospital cardio rehab. programme called Health Fit. It is run in the SMH complex at Rand Boulevard, off  Clark Rd in SRQ. I like it.

It's a good programme, but with limitations.  We meet for just one hour three days each week,. It's a short hour after we (the ten or so participants) have checked in, fitted our heart monitors and had our blood pressure measured; and then after about 50 minutes of exercise returned to the desk to have our blood pressure taken again before we leave.

That one hour is reduced to 45 minutes on Fridays to make time for an optional 15 minute educational presentation.

That's not enough, but thanks to a programme available to  Episcopal Church retirees called "Silver Sneakers" I can get free membership in a local gym.  Thus I can get more exercise than Health Fit affords.  I have hooked up in the local YMCA which is open seven days a week,

My orientation was given by Don, an almost 80 years old man who is as fit and lean as many of the young studs at the Y.

This is all good, and I am very fortunate.

Sarasota''s "Y" on Euclid Ave

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