Friday, 28 July 2017

German Shepherd Dog and Trader Joe's

" To sleep, perchance to dream"  (Shakespeare), or in my case, "to sleep and always to dream".

Take last night  (Thursday 27th)

I was in a big gym.  About 3/4  of the space was devoted to free weights, treadmills, and fitness machines.

I was exercising  in a corner in the empty 1/4 of the room. Across from my was a huge gym mat on which I saw a long-haired German Shepherd Dog.

I couldn't find a stock photo' of a G.S. dog on its ba

He was lying down on his back,but had twisted his head to look at me.  His tail never stopped wagging.

I whistled him over, but he ignored me. I could not figure out of he was there to protect me or to attack me.

Then I "sort of" woke up.  When I got back to sleep I had the same dream all over again. ( I have no way of knowing if I had been half awake for ten seconds, ten minutes or longer, but I remember thinking "I've already had this dream").

This dream revisited went on.  I decided to leave the gym, only to discover that I was driving out of the parking lot at Trader Joe's on Mass. Ave in Arlington Heights, MA.

Trader Joe's, Arlington Heights, MA

My Cambridge, Arlington, Lexington friends who have used this store know that the (usually crowded) parking lot is a bugger to enter and leave.

As I was leaving my foot got stuck on the accelerator pedal, and I zoomed out, narrowly missing an elderly couple who were pushing an occupied baby buggy/push chair. They glared at me.

I drove west on Mass Ave at high speed until I cams to an intersection with a road sign pointing to Eastville a district of  Bristol U.K. (very near to where I grew up).  I turned left, but never got to Bristol!

Go figure!  My dream is fairly easy to interpret.

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