Sunday, 23 July 2017

It's (vaguely) salmon, but don't' call it bacon

I picked up a package at Trader Joe's. thinking it to be Smoked Salmon. (if only I had read the label!)

Well, it is salmon (reconstructed bits?)  but by no stretch of the imagination is it bacon.

I think the same way about "Turkey Bacon''

It's "O.K" in its own right, but it should never be called "bacon". (note that it is chopped and formed).

Some Americans rave about Canadian Bacon.

It's good in its own way but I doubt that the "Canadian Bacon" made and sold in the U.S.A. would recognize the Maple Leaf Flag.

Americans encounter "Canadian" Bacon most often in Eggs Benedict. (Made well they are superb),

I grew up in England eating
Back Bacon if we were flush
Streaky Bacon in less prosperous days.

These days I am reduced (and delighted) to eat American Bacon

Cooked well it is entirely delicious and dripping in pork fat.  Oh so good!

Oh so good and entirely unhealthy.

That's why I sometimes eat "Salmon Bacon" and pretend that it is the real thing,

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