Saturday, 29 July 2017

Relatively speaking

I have seven surviving siblings.  One sister, Sylvia, died soon after her birth in 1942. My dear brother Stephen died all to soon and all too suddenly last year.

Thus we are/were a family with ten children.

I have nineteen nieces/nephews.

Through them I have twenty six great nephews/nieces.  I think that in the U.S.A. they would be called grand nephews/nieces.

Later this year I plan to be in the U.K.  I will see many (but not all) of this gang of fifty two descendants of my Mum and Dad (fifty three when I am included).

As I have planned this trip I have arranged to take two or three of my great nephews/nieces on a boat trip down the Bristol Avon on the M.V. Balmoral on Oct 1st.    (See the MV Balmoral  website for details of trips from Bristol).

My guests will be Ryan, the son of my niece Nicola; Bree, the daughter of my niece Leah, and (maybe) Isaac, the son of my niece Emma.

My question for those of you who are expert in such matters is "How are Ryan, Bree, and Isaac related to each other?"  Their parents are first cousins. What are they?

MV Balmoral on the Bristol (U.K.) Avon

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