Monday, 24 July 2017

Getting my dog fix.

My friends Rick and John live in the adjoining Glen Oaks Manor community.  They have four dogs between them and they often walk out at about 5:00 p.m. Rick has two Poodles, John has two Labradors.

Yesterday (Sunday 23rd) I called to see if they were about to walk, 'cause I needed a dog fix.

They were, and I got my fix.

There is Vittone.  He is a handsome, bright and self confident Standard Poodle, and he knows it.  All the girls dogs adore him.  He is like the handsome star quarterback on a High School team.  He knows that all the cheerleaders have a crush on him.  He says (to himself) "just because I am very nice to you it doesn't mean that I'll invite you to the Prom.

Vittone is that kind of "stud" dog.  (And he loves every bit of attention I give him).


Vittone belongs to Rick, as does Louis.  Louis was the runt of his litter, and he's a bit smaller than most Standards.

Louis is the the modest, shy, self-effacing dog.  "I am a nothing and a nobody" he says, "there is no need to make a fuss of me.

So I do make a fuss of Louis, telling him over and over again that he is a wonderful, splendid beast and that he has a special place in my heart.  (He remains unconvinced!)


Annie and Kate (or is it Katie and Anne) come with Rick's partners John.

They have discovered the secret of perpetual motion.  It's almost impossible to scratch their ears or haunches 'cause they can't stand still.  They run around me, between my legs, and around me again.

They always walk together, and they have the particular skill of "synchronised tail-wagging"  it's fun to behold.


The "Ever Ready Bunny" Labs.

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