Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Good Cod! (Povey huma)

I was at a local market yesterday to buy 1lb of Cod at a good price.  (As an Englishman and a one time Massachusetts resident  I am crazy about Cod.)

The mid-twenties fishmonger asked for my order.  I replied "1lb of Cod please".

He responded "did you say Cod or Salmon?":

"Cod" I said.

The young man countered with "I thought you said Cod, but you were looking at the Salmon".

I retorted "I asked for Cod, and please do not mock me because I am cross-eyed".

He "got" my huma. He could scarcely weigh my Cod for his laughter!


( I used the cod today to make some Codfish cakes.  Yum. yum!!)

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