Sunday, 3 September 2017

Labor Day

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, was established as a Federal Holiday in 1894, a day to honour the working man's (in 1894 working man not men and women) contribution to the common good.

There is a good reason that a Monday in September was chosen.  For in many European countries the day to celebrate the worker was May 1st "May Day".

Not so in the U.S.A. because May Day was considered to be a Socialist Day, and as every loyal and patriotic American knows socialism is bad, bad, BAD. tib

Americans who haven't a clue about democratic socialism as opposed to autocratic communism recoil with shock, horror and fear at the very words "socialism", or "socialistic".

The easiest way to shut down any conversation about the common weal, (or common good) is to say "but that's socialistic".  Case made?  NAH!

So we are stuck with Labor Day as a Federal Holiday with next to no meaning. ,  This means that banks. and libraries, together with city/county/state/federal holidays will be closed (no mail tomorrow).

But the working stiffs whose contributions are essential to the American common weal will still be expected to report for work.  go figure.

There will be no parades to honour them.

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