Saturday, 16 September 2017

It's always the poor wot suffers. (Hurricane Irma)

It's always the poor wot suffers.

As the memory of Irma recedes, some of us are very aware of the tremendous losses and destruction in the Virgin Islands, Barbuda, Puerto Rico and Cuba etc.

Many may also have heard of the damage in such Floridian places as Naples, Jacksonville, and the Florida Keys.

Not on all of our radars are some of the poorest communities in Florida.

Take for instance the very poor southern Florida community of Immokale, where most of the residents are impoverished Haitians and Mexicans (migrants who make sure that we have tomatoes year round).

Everglades City was also hard hit.  My sister Ruth, her husband Dennis and I were there last year, we took an utterly delightful rise by boat out into the Thousand Islands

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