Another good day with family members: St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key and UBER

So off I went to Siesta Key this afternoon to see my brother Andy and my sister in law Izzy.

My plan was to watch a sunset, but Old Sol was hidden behind the clouds.  Ne'er mind.  I paddled in the Gulf, and then had a good dinner at their Villa.

They are staying in a comfortable and spacious Villa at the Island House Beach Resort.  There is no beach view, but the sugar sands of Siesta Beach are but a three minute walk away.

The Villas at the Island House Beach Resort


Andy chose to attend St. Boniface Church this morning.  Although the liturgy baffled him .....
 (we Episcopalians take it for granted and like to believe that Christian from other traditions will automatically like and understand it NOT SO!)

Apart from this, Andy received a warm welcome from the always welcoming Betsie Danner, and enjoyed Jonathan Evans' sermon (which was short by Andy's Evangelical Church perspective).


 I chose to use UBER to get to the Key and back today. Even a glass or two of wine can lead to impaired driving judgment, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

I have mixed feelings about UBER.  On the one hand I wish that the drivers were treated as employees with Health Care and Pension plans (rather than as Independent Contractors).

On the other hand I like the UBER app.  which indicates exactly when the ride will arrive, and the fare (comparable with a traditional taxi at peak times, and much cheaper at off peak times).

In the event both drivers today were pleasant and efficient. They both like working with UBER in order  to gain a supplemental income.

My second driver told me how he had evacuated a 90 years old woman to Atlanta to escape Hurricane Irma  (a twelve hours drive to Atlanta and a thirteen hours drive back) and that her Georgia family provided him with bed and board for five days , and added  an utterly generous tip.


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