Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Queen Adelaide I and II

Queen Adelaide I was the wife of King William IV of the United Kingdom.

Adelaide,Australia is named for her.  (The City also has a King William St.)

I have been to Adelaide, and I liked it very much.


Few people have heard of Queen Adelaide II of Sarasota.

She is very fond of cheese (but only if it's Cheddar).

But Her Imperiousness would not eat it whilst on Camera. 

What else would you expect from a cat?


Brother Andrew, sister-in-law Izzy and I went down to Turtles on the Bay  (Siesta Key) today for an almost valedictory dinner.

Turtles is ever reliable with "pretty good food". I took my sisters Maureen and Jean (and their husbands Bernard and John respectively) two years ago for their valedictory supper.  So I am developing a tradition to take my English Povey kin to Turtles just before they return to the U.K. It's "cool" that my family members like to visit me here.

Our waiter's name was Phillip. He was pleased that I knew that his name means "Lover of Horses".


With a nice view of Little Sarasota Bay.

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