In which jmp gets snarky, and "Father Christmas" (a.k.a. "Santa Claus"P) nails it.

It's all very wearisome that at this time of year Christian fundamentalists and right-wing nincompoops get their knickers in a twist and tell us either that there is a "War on Christmas", or remind us to "Keep Christ in Christmas".

It's all a bit of nonsense.  There is no war on Christmas.  Not because Christians are faithful in their witness but because retailers, hoteliers, airlines, petrol (gas) stations and the like wouldn't stand for it.

A war on Christmas it would the case only if Christians were ordered by the authorities to close their buildings and refrain from any religious observances at Christmas-tide.

A word to my Christian friends.  Have you every noted that the Gospels are not terribly interested in the birth of Jesus?  Only Luke mentions it. Matthews account of the three wise man is not about the birth of Jesus, it's there to "fulfill" the prophecy  "out of Egypt have a called my son.  The four Evangelists would be astonished at our modern day Christian obsession with Christmas.  They are much more concerned with the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth his passion and resurrection.

.  A certain class of Christians lament something which is not true! They claim  that we are not allowed to say "Merry Christmas"  (and that we must say "Happy Holidays). They whine that Christmas trees must now be called "Holiday Trees". (How many Christmas Trees are there in the Bible?"

So now for the snarky bit.   Naughty me noted that our local big fundamentalist Church is not having a Christmas Gift Market.  Ooops!

Hoist by there own petared

I tend to be on Father Christmas/Santa's side on this one.


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