Tuesday, 16 January 2018

So long, it's been good to know you/ Getting my fix.

So long  to my favourite trousers.  They have been with me to the U.K., Norway, Vietnam, Ecuador and Australia.  I  would describe them as "easy on/easy off".  Now there are holes which you cannot see, and cuffs/turn-ups  in terrible and unrepairable condition. It fell to my duty to put them in the trash today.

(Is holding on to old, beloved  and well worn clothes a male thing, or a human thing?)


Sans a dog I've been getting my fix by lurking in the neighbourhood to greet and be sweet with other canines.

I've struck out today with Seamus (Irish Terrier); Shorty (Cairn Terrier); Annie and Kate (Black Labs); Louis and Vittone (Standard Poodles), and Maggie (Schnauzer), and a gorgeous Greyhound whose name I do not know.

I am shameless about this!  

(My U.K. family members know that I was never a great dog lover, but the fabulous Penne, my friend for nine years  changed my mind.)

Oh how I mis her!

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