For Sale (at a bargain price).

I am not on eBay, so let's call this poveBay.

I am a (usually) honest vendor.

The Background.

This afternoon I was clumsy and let a table knife slip into the wee gap between my oven and the counter.

I had to pull the oven out to recover it.  I found the knife (and a butter knife which I had forgotten that I'd lost).


Some will remember that in October 2017 I  lost a lower jaw partial plate.

I searched high and low. 

I even called my trusty handyman to open the trap under my bathroom sink in case it had slipped down there.

All to no avail. 


So I had a new one made (at a cost of $800 - insurance payment, and $100 - my payment).

Guess what I found under the oven today.

You've got it!  The missing partial.  I have no idea how it got there.

It's now on sale.  

(Best offer before Feb 7th secures it).

My Dentist will be highly amused about this. So am I!


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